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Congratulations to Kim!

Photo by Jason Leung

Massive kudos to my new friend Kim, fibromyalgia advocate for awareness. She produces a terrific blog that is as much fun as it is information-packed and I have recently enjoyed taking a deep dive into it. You can find her at I Tripped Over a Stone and make certain you do because it’s worth the stop. She has just been nominated for and accepted both The Blogger Recognition Award and The Sunshine Blogger Award. Woo Hoo! You go, Girl!

Kim has been instrumental in helping this newbie blogger get her act rolling and somewhat together and I am both humbled and grateful. Thank you Kim and congrats on the cool blogging awards!


Jayne is a happily married fifty-something who struggles daily with the challenges of living with debilitating pain, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue / myalgic encephalomyelitis . With a career background in the Private Club industry, she was forced into early retirement following a spinal injury when she was in her thirties. Jayne and her husband, to whom she refers in her writing as My Guy or MG, are the proud parents of a small terrier, avid foodies, culinary entrepreneurs and binge watchers of a little too much Netflix . But all too often, the couch is the only comfy place to be!

6 thoughts on “Congratulations to Kim!

  1. Oh My!!! This is a surprise, Jayne. I am stunned. Thank you. I am so excited you have joined the blogging community! I am happy we connected. I do enjoy your emails:) I am super excited to watch you grow!

    1. Wooohoooo, well done to our lovely Kim!
      This is such a sweet idea, Jayne – Kim does deserve a lot of congrats, she’s awesome. Did you know her real name is actually C.C. Rockerfeller? 😆

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