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Budding Into Life Again

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This is my favorite time of year: pre-summer, as spring is such a late arrival in my neck of the woods. I’m blessed to live in a part of the country that gets lots of sunshine year round but the cold and wintry days can still get me down. As with everyone, and particularly those of us with chronic conditions, the weather can play an enormous role in our daily physical and emotional health.

The science may tell us it’s a coincidence but most of us who have broken a bone, suffer from arthritis, or have had surgical repairs with metal can be excellent weather forecasters. We can tell you when there’s a change in the barometric pressure, not because we’ve seen the local forecast, but because we can feel it in our joints and bones. The country seems to have gone crazy with its recent erratic weather changes and I’m good and ready to get off this particular roller coaster. Hot as blazes one day, serious snowfall the next; that mess melts and then several days of severe thunderstorms and tornadoes touching down all over the place! Every time the barometric pressure changes, I can feel it in all of my surgical sites and it just radiates…well, everywhere! The cervical site leads to migraines and the lumbar site radiates down both legs. Sleep is impossible and when the changes are so constant and erratic, there’s never a break in order for the body to stabilize. Discomfort turns into misery and day follows day follows day.

But now…I think…I pray…summer is almost here to stay. And perhaps there can be some balance again. That, my friend, is a damned good feeling! When you’re in constant pain, your world can become very, very small, so opening all the windows and doors, bringing a little sunshine and fresh breezes inside and being able to merge with the garden is extremely liberating. Simply sitting on the front porch with my morning coffee brings me one step closer to being out and about in the world. I may not necessarily be going anywhere, but…well, I am slightly less removed.

The balmy days somehow give me strength and confidence again so when my little terrier looks at me longingly with his leash hanging from his mouth, I actually feel like, yes, maybe I could be taken for a walk today. And maybe we can go a little further than we did yesterday.

When we return from our stroll, even though I’m out of breath and need to lie down now!, the swing in the garden awaits. I collapse onto the soft cushions as Bentley noisily laps up a refreshing drink. The pain is loudly acknowledging itself but it’s manageable. The sun is shining, the breeze is cooling, the fountain and wind chimes are tinkling and the aroma of lilacs intoxicates me. And Bentley and I are a part of it all. Not a bad day.


Jayne is a happily married fifty-something who struggles daily with the challenges of living with debilitating pain, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue / myalgic encephalomyelitis . With a career background in the Private Club industry, she was forced into early retirement following a spinal injury when she was in her thirties. Jayne and her husband, to whom she refers in her writing as My Guy or MG, are the proud parents of a small terrier, avid foodies, culinary entrepreneurs and binge watchers of a little too much Netflix . But all too often, the couch is the only comfy place to be!

8 thoughts on “Budding Into Life Again

  1. Isn’t that just it? The pain will come, and it is so easy to shut the windows, pull the shades, and retreat. Somedays there is no choice. But when we get the chance, the world feels wonderful, even with pain, the chimes still sing to us in the wind! Beautiful post, my friend. Lovely.😊💜

  2. This was such an uplifting post to read, perhaps even more so as I look out the window to the grey skies and torrential rain, wrapped up in jumpers because it’s cold. You’re right about how things change, and I think that’s a good thing because when times get really tough, we can hold onto hope that brighter days are possible. I may repeat your post like a chant and hope that magics the summer weather to the UK! 😂
    Beautiful post  ♥
    Caz xx

    1. I wish I could close my eyes and send you sunny days with soft warm breezes. I would do it in an instant! Things always change. But it’s difficult to remain hopeful when we feel lousy and then look outside and see even more lousy, lol! I was feeling lousy myself, heading to a new doctor when I happened to read your reply. It instantly brought me out of my funk. Thank you for telling me that my post made a difference for you. Be well Caz!

        1. You are so sweet! I’m running on almost no vitamin D and estrogen. Think maybe that’s contributing to my problems? (Smartass rhetorical question)

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