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Down for Repairs

I’m taking a break as I rest up from a little treatment for my occipital neuralgia. So many of you have been so kind to stop by and visit and take the time to leave a comment or two and I just adore reading your notes and getting to know you all better. Thank you! I haven’t had it in me to respond much but I will soon!

Until I’m back and really able to dive into the blogosphere, I want to quickly mention a couple of things. I have visited so many of you and made comments to your posts or sent greeting emails through your contact pages and I think I may be ending up in your spam folders. Several of you have found me there and simply from the amount of comments that appear to have gotten lost in the ether, I can’t imagine that many of you have rejected me. (Oh no! That didn’t really occur to me until this minute!!)

I also have noted that many of you have mentioned that you have had trouble commenting on my site. Until I get this all figured out, I just wanted you to know that I’ve heard you and am trying to remedy it. Until I do, please don’t forget about me or lose faith in my commitment. We’re just getting to know one another!!

Hope you all are having a good week!