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Apologies for just phoning it in, but that little frog is me right now…Do y’all have days like this too? Wanna tell me about them so I don’t feel so pathetic? This is dragging on a little long even for me! Help!


Jayne is a happily married fifty-something who struggles daily with the challenges of living with debilitating pain, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue / myalgic encephalomyelitis . With a career background in the Private Club industry, she was forced into early retirement following a spinal injury when she was in her thirties. Jayne and her husband, to whom she refers in her writing as My Guy or MG, are the proud parents of a small terrier, avid foodies, culinary entrepreneurs and binge watchers of a little too much Netflix . But all too often, the couch is the only comfy place to be!

13 thoughts on “Apologies

    1. Ugh! I’ll take it, thank you!! Always appreciate your support, Stace! ♥️ Trying so hard to right this unsteady ship but every day I just feel more and more ill. More doctor’s appts. More tests. Less answers. I know some level of patience is necessary but the year is flying by and I’ve been in bed more days than I’ve been out. Sick of whining about it but my limbs are so weary from treading water.

      1. Oh gosh, Jayne. I can totally understand what you just described. I’m sorry. Sometimes it just feels like my whole life is passing me by while I sit on the couch. And I think you do a great job of *not* whining! It’s a lot to contend with!! Wishing you brighter days, Jayne!!

  1. Every step of the way, we do what we can. I have always wished for more hours in the day, more energy, more strength… in the end I have what I have, which is (as with you) also less than I used to have. I’m constantly adjusting expectations. I know you are trying so hard. I know you are doing the best you can.

    1. Thank you for saying that. Too often, it is easy to doubt ourselves and to feel less than: if I was just a little stronger…am I being a wimp by not pushing through this…how come so-and-so has the same chronic whatever and is out playing tennis while I’m stuck to the couch? But we ARE doing the best we can and that must be enough. I wish you more energy and more strength and so appreciate you taking the time to visit and comment.

  2. Honey right now I haven’t even been able to blog. I don’t feel human. I don’t like talking about it and I just haven’t wanted to voice it outloud. I don’t feel sorry for myself, but, I’m just so very tired and I dont have time to be.
    The migraines have just been dragging on with few brakes and the vertigo has been more often. We’re looking for a house and I’m so overwhelmed I cant tell you.
    But I can tell you, you arent alone.
    I’m just hanging in there too.
    And that’s my answer when people ask how I am, “I’m hanging in there”.
    You and I can hang in there together. xo💕

  3. That little guy is so cute! Sadly, I don’t look cute when I’m at that point of desperately trying to cling on and hold myself together (which is very often). My latest meltdown was two days ago, which dragged out for 3 days and it was messy. You’re not alone, but you’ve had these days before and you’ve conquered them, and you’ll conquer this current rocky time, too. I’m not sure exactly what’s going on at the moment for you, Jayne, but I’m always here if ever you want to chat, just drop me an email. Maybe you need a little break, some time to breathe and unplug to get yourself from under the feeling of being overwhelmed? I really hope you can find some time to do that and to rest. You’ve got this. Sending lots of hugs  ♥
    Caz xxxx

  4. Thanks for following me. I never remember to thank people. But what I was hoping to say, if I can keep new kitty off of the keyboard, is that some days I am not unfoggy enough to even post a ‘sorry for not posting’ post, like yours. Well done you. 🙂

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