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What an amazing world in which we live today where with the flick of a button we can reach out and connect to others quickly and intimately, forming close and cherished friendships with people we would otherwise have never had the opportunity to meet.

I have only been a part of this blogoverse for a relatively short period: at times, avidly; at others, and far more often, much less so. But it is one of the warmest and most welcoming communities I have ever had the great fortune of which to be a part.

In the USA, today is Thanksgiving, a national holiday in which we gorge ourselves on a feast of as many comfort dishes that we can cram onto the table, fueling ourselves for the cut-throat marathon of Shopping on Black Friday, a national sport we have turned into an art form, where we consume as many unnecessary gadgets as we did unnecessary calories the day before.

We Americans often joke about this holiday, about being forced to share a meal with boorish relatives and endure endless political conversations where we turn blue at the table, not because we are choking on the over-salted stuffing but because we are biting our tongues so hard. (Those less mannerly should choke on the stuffing, in my humble opinion, because they don’t bite hard enough or they don’t bite at all, but that’s another topic for another day.) Of course, I type this with MY tongue firmly in my cheek, for such Blessings I have! In my little corner of the world, our Thanksgiving dinner has been postponed for a day so that I may fully recover from my 4th round of nasty cold and flu. But I am recovering! I am upright in bed instead of prone! That bed is in a comfortably warm and cozy home which is paramount when it’s in the single digits outside and surrounded by snow! I have a beloved husband with whom I have just celebrated our silver wedding anniversary and who is at this very moment cooking up the most ambrosial delights in our kitchen. I have a cherished Clan who doesn’t mind postponing dinner a day (well, MG IS cooking!!), because “having the meal and enjoying the company is the point,” not the day. I have an extended group of family and friends who have been pinging my phone with loving text messages throughout the day, reminding me that I am loved and missed and cherished. I have a loyal and furry friend who, even though barking his head off in warning to the neighbor canine who has dared to pee on “our” snow, still comes by to check on me every few minutes and to give me sweet kisses. And I have You, which was the point of this missive when I began typing much too long ago now…

In all of the hubbub and chaos and jesting of the day, Thanksgiving is the American day of Mindfully Counting Our Blessings. And I am grateful for All of You. You, who write faithfully, sharing your lives daily, cheering us on, constantly reaching out and enveloping us with comfort and joy and enriching our lives for the better. You don’t judge when we’ve been under a rock for months at a time and haven’t laid eyes on a keyboard, much less touched one. You don’t squander kindness. You don’t hold a grudge.

You write when you are in pain, when you are headed to hospital, when you are on holiday, when you are bereaved. You are constant and true in your grace and encouragement and in your care. I salute All of You. For those of you stateside, I wish you a Thanksgiving filled with Peace and Blessings. And for those of you across every pond, I wish you a day filled with Peaceful and Blessed Thanksgiving.

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November 12th Only! FREE Award-Winning Ebook Cookbook for all US Kindle Readers

Colorado’s own Chef Dan Witherspoon, owner of The Seasoned Chef Cooking School in Denver and award-winning author of Mix Match Make Take: High Energy Food for High Energy People, is offering the US Kindle version of his book for FREE on Tuesday, November 12th from midnight until 11:59 pm to promote cancer awareness.

Chef Dan has also teamed up with the Make A Wish Colorado Foundation and will be donating multiple items to their gala in May 2020 but also will be donating 10% of all print book sales for the cancer awareness months of September through December 2019.

Chef Dan, as he is known to his students, was diagnosed with Stage III Multiple Myeloma in the summer of 2016 and has been in full remission for over three years. He credits this remission to his excellent medical care but also to his change of diet, which he altered immediately upon his diagnosis.

“I’ve always been a fairly healthy eater but I ddn’t eat as well as I could or should have. When you are diagnosed with a serious illness like cancer, much of the outcome is out of your hands, but not all of it. We must all do what we can to feel whole. As a chef for over 40 years and a culinary instructor for over 20, cooking and eating is what I know and what I can control. So I started there.”

He began an intensive chemo regime about 4 weeks after diagnosis, followed by an autologous stem cell transplant. While he was hospitalized during the transplant, he began writing Mix Match Make Take.

This cookbook is a game changer. The concept is simple. Cook in components: protein, foundation, vegetable, sauce. Rearrange in components. One cooking session yields several meals. Take your overstock with you the next day. All recipes can either be served cold or are easily reheatable. All are travel friendly. All recipes can be mixed and matched to your own diet preferences. Most recipes are gluten free, sugar free and dairy free. The few that are not, can easily be made so.

For those of you wondering what dog I may have in this hunt, well, suffice it to say that Chef Dan is also MG.

Thanking you in advance for your clicks on November 12th and for assisting Chef Dan in giving back to the cancer community!