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November 12th Only! FREE Award-Winning Ebook Cookbook for all US Kindle Readers

Colorado’s own Chef Dan Witherspoon, owner of The Seasoned Chef Cooking School in Denver and award-winning author of Mix Match Make Take: High Energy Food for High Energy People, is offering the US Kindle version of his book for FREE on Tuesday, November 12th from midnight until 11:59 pm to promote cancer awareness.

Chef Dan has also teamed up with the Make A Wish Colorado Foundation and will be donating multiple items to their gala in May 2020 but also will be donating 10% of all print book sales for the cancer awareness months of September through December 2019.

Chef Dan, as he is known to his students, was diagnosed with Stage III Multiple Myeloma in the summer of 2016 and has been in full remission for over three years. He credits this remission to his excellent medical care but also to his change of diet, which he altered immediately upon his diagnosis.

“I’ve always been a fairly healthy eater but I ddn’t eat as well as I could or should have. When you are diagnosed with a serious illness like cancer, much of the outcome is out of your hands, but not all of it. We must all do what we can to feel whole. As a chef for over 40 years and a culinary instructor for over 20, cooking and eating is what I know and what I can control. So I started there.”

He began an intensive chemo regime about 4 weeks after diagnosis, followed by an autologous stem cell transplant. While he was hospitalized during the transplant, he began writing Mix Match Make Take.

This cookbook is a game changer. The concept is simple. Cook in components: protein, foundation, vegetable, sauce. Rearrange in components. One cooking session yields several meals. Take your overstock with you the next day. All recipes can either be served cold or are easily reheatable. All are travel friendly. All recipes can be mixed and matched to your own diet preferences. Most recipes are gluten free, sugar free and dairy free. The few that are not, can easily be made so.

For those of you wondering what dog I may have in this hunt, well, suffice it to say that Chef Dan is also MG.

Thanking you in advance for your clicks on November 12th and for assisting Chef Dan in giving back to the cancer community!


Jayne is a happily married fifty-something who struggles daily with the challenges of living with debilitating pain, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue / myalgic encephalomyelitis . With a career background in the Private Club industry, she was forced into early retirement following a spinal injury when she was in her thirties. Jayne and her husband, to whom she refers in her writing as My Guy or MG, are the proud parents of a small terrier, avid foodies, culinary entrepreneurs and binge watchers of a little too much Netflix . But all too often, the couch is the only comfy place to be!

8 thoughts on “November 12th Only! FREE Award-Winning Ebook Cookbook for all US Kindle Readers

  1. thank you so very much for posting this. i went and checked it out on Amazon, it looks amazing – unfortunately my library does not carry this book. do you know if you have to have Kindle Unlimited to get this? Thank you again.

  2. Is MG “My Guy”?
    I think this is a great thing no matter what.
    Will be sure to get it on Tuesday, unless brainfog gets me, if that happens I’ll be sirely disappointed.
    If I can get back to the computer tomorrow…umm, later today…I’m going to share this, okay?

    Good to “see” you.

    1. Yes, Wendy. MG is My Guy. 😜 And I believe the Big Giveaway has already begun. So head on over to Amazon. And yes, please share the news. I’d be sincerely grateful!

      Hope you’re having more up days. You’re often on my mind. ♥

  3. Chef Dan, aka MG? Wow!!! We get to finally meet your guy! 😉
    Sorry I’m rather late in catching up on blogs but I wanted to say how brilliant this is – a very generous thing to do and a great way to promote awareness. It’s wonderful to donate and support that way too from the print book sales. Love it!
    Caz xxxx

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