My Story: the short version…

My name is Jayne. I am a wife, daughter, sister, cousin, niece, aunt, friend, new blogger, amateur jewelry designer, lover of old black and white movies, transcendental meditation practitioner, avid reader, closet anglophile, political spectator, dog owner, homeowner, sometime gardener, music lover, foodie, onetime cookbook editor, would be fashionista and home decorator. And I live with chronic pain, which is often unbearable.

In 2001, I had a typical banana peel type fall and damaged my coccyx, cervical and lumbar spine. Although I had multiple spinal surgeries, countless therapies and endless treatments, I simply never healed. Anxiety, panic attacks and agoraphobia, childhood and young adult issues I had thought long ago put to bed, resurfaced along with severe depression. I developed occipital neuralgia, small fiber neuropathy and in 2016 was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. This is all in addition to the continued chronic cervical, lumbar and coccyx pain from the initial injury. In an instant, my entire life changed and there is not one corner of it that has not been affected by my injury and the subsequent search for recovery: physical, emotional, mental, sexual, environmental, social, financial, familial.

You will not find me on social media. I don’t facebook or tweet or instagram. I have a small group of friends and the most amazing, supportive and loving husband imaginable. I live in a 126 year old home in a hip neighborhood in the western United States. I have a canine buddy named Bentley, a Silky Terrier who spends most of his time by my side and who promptly alerts me when there is another canine walking past our domicile. I have no children and I was forced into early retirement.

So why have I decided to blog when I have been so private for so long? Because I am massively fatigued by the isolation this chronic condition has foisted upon me and I wish to find my voice again. At this point in my life, I am in all likelihood not going to achieve the dreams I had in my youth. But perhaps, by releasing some of which has been so pent up inside of me, and by sharing my story and my journey, I can make a tiny bit of a difference.

24 thoughts on “My Story: the short version…

  1. What a beautiful and eloquent introduction, Jayne ❀️. It’s a great pleasure to meet you. Like you, I have spent most of my years sick, in isolation. As the years go by and I struggle more, my world becomes smaller and smaller. By blogging, that small world opens just a little and becomes less suffocating. I welcome you, warmly, to blogging and hope that it provides the comfort to you, it has to me. Much luck on this new journey. ~Stace @fightingwithfibro

    1. I am so happy to hear from you, Stace, and I profusely thank you for the extremely warm welcome. Introspection and the enjoyment of one’s own company are great things but when your world shrinks and you begin living in near isolation, it is time to reach out, shouting at the top of your lungs, if necessary. I am reaching out. And looking forward to getting to know you! Jayne

      1. Your shouts have been heard, Jayne and I’m so glad you reached out. It’s easier to be isolated and alone, together <3
        Everyone here can relate and that makes it feel like home. We can't make one another feel better, but at least having people truly understand your hurdles makes it just a little bit easier.
        You're a brave girl, Jayne, to venture out of the safety of your solitary walls. I'm so glad you did!!

  2. A nice introduction Jayne. Hope to read more from you. Sharing halves the problems. Welcome to the blogosphere. ❀️

  3. Welcome to WP Jayne! If your experience here is anything like mine then you will find a wealth of positive, encouraging and insightful support! What starts out as a small tentative step will, with time, blossom into exactly what you want it to. Enjoy your new journey! Le grΓ , Marie xx

    1. Bith go raibh maith agat Marie! (I really hope I just said Thank you Marie!! Otherwise my translator app is completely worthless and I apologize if I’ve sworn at you!) It has only been a few months but so far I have been hugely encouraged by the positive support and sincere compassion. Thank you so much for stopping by and taking the time to say hello. I look forward to spending some time at Create Space very soon!

      1. Lol, you haven’t sworn at me, “Go raibh maith agat” is correct! My pleasure and I’ll stop by again soon. I’m glad you’ve had a similar experience Jayne and I’ll be looking forward to your visit! Xx

  4. Hey Jayne,
    I finally had a chance to sit down and read your blog all the way through. What you write is so important and you have such a beautiful, clear voice. Have you considered writing a full book? I can’t even imagine all that you’ve been through, but I think your voice is one where many who live with debilitating pain could easily recognize your out loud voice as part of their silent one. I don’t have what you describe, but I found myself nodding in understanding and agreement as I read your story. It takes so little for anyone’s world to change. So glad you found me and I found you back! Welcome to blogging, ny friend! May you find many more good days than bad! 😊 M.L. James aka Mona

  5. Jayne congratulations on the decision to take your voice back, Loud and proud you have been heard and what an inspiration you are! I am also a new blogger and have thought long and hard to put myself out there in the blogging world. But I would like you to know you have inspired me, and I gladly join your tribe!
    All the best,

    1. Monika, this was an enormously kind and sweet message! Thank you ever so much. It’s not easy to put yourself out there, is it? It is not something I did lightly either! Cheers to both of us and welcome to my tribe! (I have a tribe!!) Woo Hoo! I stopped by your Closet, Monika, and will be back soon for a longer look around. It’s a pleasure to meet you!

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